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The network is meant empower women to take a strong position in the field of immersive technologies, in Scandinavia and globally. It is a sisterhood of ladies passionate about XR and all its aspects. It provides a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, support in projects and initiatives in order to explore the full variety of use cases across disciplines.

Being part of XR Women network will enable you to connect with peers and collaborators, gain access to information, tools, skills development opportunities. We invite you to experiment, create, play with XR and reach beyond together with like-minded women.

Are you passionate about limitless possibilities of the virtual, augmented and mixed reality? Do you want to take strong role in shaping the future of immersive technology adoption? Join our network and take an active role in building the future together.


Ksenia Avetisova


Veronika Kiseleva

Head of Creative

Elena Malakhatka

Head of Partnerships

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